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Passive Saltmarsh Restoration Research - Results

Published: July 2023
SaltmarshThe results of the research project to trial passive saltmarsh retention structures on a small intertidal area along the River Hamble in Hampshire is now available.
A summary report can be accessed through the Research Project section.
The report discusses the installation of the retention structures, the capture of drone imagery, and the imagery analyses to monitor the changes in vegetation cover and sediment erosion and / or accretion.
We are currently exploring further methods to continue the work and possibly extend the area of restoration along other areas on the River Hamble.

Update on activity during the last three years

Published: May 2023

We have finally had time to update news and projects information, not least as we are always busy, so, for a May 2023 update on what we have been doing, see below and visit the Projects page.

We have had opportunities to be involved in research and commercial projects, all of an interesting nature and current and recent activities we thought you may be interest in are:

Seminar attendance

Dr Simon Bray was asked to be on the panel of a one day seminar run by Greenship to provide understanding of shipping and pollution effects on marine ecosystems at Hempel headquarters, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Providing a background in marine ecology and pollution effects, Simon spoke on antifoul impacts and the inclusion of biodiversity goals in future planning of shipping impact management. This is by no means an easy task; it is a PhD subject in its own right. But, it was notable that members of the shipping industry and antifoul producers and users were evidently aware of the growth in public awareness of pollution in aquatic systems and that this, amongst other aspects is a driver for change and better management. Greenship is promoting exploration of more sustainable approaches to shipping activity, the home of over 80% of global trade.

Antifoul Research and Review
AQASS is undertaking a requested research review of silicone foul release coatings to update current understanding. See the Marine Projects section for more detail.
Using remote sensing to monitor passive sediment retention on saltmarsh
The grant AQASS received from the Solent Forum to investigate the efficacy of passive sediment retention on a small scale saltmarsh restoration project along the, River Hamble has been completed. A presentation of the work was given to the Natural Environment Group of the Solent Forum on 26 April 2023. The final report will be available by the beginning of June.

Review of potential remote sensing sources and methods for broad habitat mapping

Published: May 2020
AQASS undertook a review of the potential methods and sources of satellite and other remote sensing data available to undertake broad habitat mapping for a marine and terrestrial interface project in the Middle East. The work will lead to assisting future planning and management of natural habitats in this region.

GIS support for major off-shore windfarm

Published: April 2020
AQASS starts work on supporting the spatial analysis and GIS for a major offshore wind farm, including the cable route and turbine base locations. Obstructions and restrictions to the proposed route are mapped and deliverables are provided in packaged GIS documents.

Success with grant proposal

Published: April 2020
SaltmarshAQASS has been successful in bidding for a small grant from the Solent Forum for a project in which we will investigate the efficacy of passive sediment retention for a small scale saltmarsh restoration study. The plan is to undertake aerial surveys to apply time series photogrammetry analysis of morphological change as sediment begins to accrete behind partially permeable barriers and to assess vegetation growth of pioneer marsh species using infra-red sensing and ground truthing approaches. During the coronavirus lock-down, it will not be appropriate to undertake field work, thus whilst AQASS has been notified of the grant success in April 2020, field work will not be undertaken until 2021. We would like to thank the Solent Forum for their backing and interest, and for their flexibility in regard to the current restrictions.

Fibre Reinforced Plastic Vessels Disposal

Published: April 2020
Abandoned FRP BoatThe report undertaken by AQASS for the International Maritime Organisation in 2019 on-end-of life FRP (fibre reinforced plastic) boats is still being used as a quoted resource by organisations hoping to highlight the issue from the campaigning and commercial sides. This month Luke Edney of Boatbreakers Ltd produced a hard hitting and well considered short article for the April 2020 edition of All at Sea on the issue (page 32) highlighting the growing awareness and difficulties of managing end-of-life boats.

AQASS co-author on accepted academic paper

Published: April 2020
AQASS is pleased to continue its academic and research focus as well as providing high level guidance to industry, governing bodies etc. on matters aquatic. Dr Simon Bray of AQASS is one of the authors on a paper led by Professor Steve Hawkins and Dr Kathryn O’Shaughnessy considering the long term recovery of the Mersey following de-industrialisation of the former dock basins. The paper has been accepted for publication in the Marine Pollution Bulletin.