AQASS comprises a core team with considerable experience in aquatic environmental science, ecology, pollution, water quality, water management, geomorphology, GIS and data collection and management. With experience in global projects, AQASS team members work with industry and conservation groups to achieve agreement on habitat and species management through pragmatic consensus.
The team also have considerable experience of stakeholder engagement and community involvement where river and estuarine aspects are being managed, both for commercial organisations but also for habitat restoration projects and wider community involvement.
Team members have worked on global water management projects assisting regional and local government organisations, focussing on water policy, stakeholder participation, water resource management and social impacts of resource use in the Far East and Africa. We have a background in partnership working, facilitating diverse groups and organisations to work together to prioritise resource use for optimal community and habitat benefits.
AQASS team members retain researcher status at the University of Southampton (UK), a global leader in aquatic research and development. We have provided lectures on marine pollution, biodiversity and habitat restoration, as well as the use of GIS and geospatial analyses to enhance water resources / industry, environmental, climate change and conservation projects. We also provide support on research regarding marine pollution and intertidal / subtidal habitat creation to promote biodiversity.